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. warner: who is lying here? we heard bob kraft refer to tom brady's disappointment losing wes welker, he says i don't answer to tom brady. and he also said we wanted to re-sign welker. >> everybody in the organization wanted him back and anyone who doesn't think we're serious, doesn't get it. warner: not so fast, accord to go welker's agent when they offered welker two year, 10 million dollar deal they told him take it or leave it and when welker offered them a chance to match the broncos deal two years 12 million kraft said no and had already contacted danny amdello of the rams and so the question is, who is lying. imus: what's coming up in the briefing, bernie? >> we have michael moore, jimmy kimmel, all kinds of funny stuff. imus: right after that we'll do the blonds on blonds. ♪ doesn't get anymore out law country than this guy, i-fave, i-friend jamey johnson. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ imus in the morning ♪ >> so they tried to shake down a tiny island country of cyprus and cyprus said no. i'm charles payne, stuart is going to be back tomorrow. but today, here is the big story. here is
, but basketball-- >> and we'll talk about the "the five", and bob beckel got cbs amazing race to apologize for something they did, they took american veterans for granted and apologized and kudos to beckel and watch "the five" and a victory lap and he deserves it. stuart: very good. and time for the gold report. and where are we? with stocks up 40 points on the dow and gold is up 10 bucks below $1600 per ounce. the head of the n.r.a. and anti-gun mayor of new york city square off. we'll show you some of the fireworks, charles, sandra smith on their way in. they're next. >> i think i have a responsibility and i think you and all of your viewers have responsibilities to try to make this country safer. >> we don't want them in their restaurants, don't want them in their homes and don't want to tell them what food to eat and they sure don't want to tell what self-defense firearms to own and he can't buy america. >> all right. that was the weekend. that was new york mayor michael bloomberg, separate appearances on "meet the press." . they're going at it it it over guns and mayor bloomberg want
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2